Who We Are

“We provide a unique girl-only space”

“We promote equality and diversity”

“We’re relevant to today’s girls”

“We give girls and young women a voice”

Guiding is a worldwide family which young girls may join and become members from the age of 5 and may remain, if they wish, as an active member throughout their life. They may join any section appropriate to their age at any time, or pass from one section to the next. Each level has its own programme.

Guiding of course would not exist without the masses of Adult Volunteers who give their time to run these various groups. Leadership training is open to any woman from the age of 18 and she may continue working in any of the sections up till the age of 65 when she must retire from Leadership but may continue give her time to Guiding in many other ways.

Naturally the safety of the girls is paramount in all we do.